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BITETOSAVOUR recently hosted a complimentary nutritional workshop and cookery demonstration in Studio Souk with Jane McClenaghan, a Belfast based nutritional therapist and the talented author of The Vital Nutrition Cookbook providing recipes for energy and vitality.

Jane spoke a little about her exciting new book and answered some general questions for our health-conscious audience, before demoing three of her delicious and nutritious recipes, incorporating a range of fabulous Northern Irish artisan produce… One of the recipes she featured was Strawberries in Balsamic with Natural Yogurt…

Super summery & super simple, a delicious & nutritious desert.

Burren Balsamic strawberry & mint



Ingredients: (Approx per serving)
Generous handful of fresh seasonal strawberries
2 tblsp of Burren Balsamics Balsamic Vinegar
Approx 3 tblsp of Clandeboye Yogurt
½ Vanilla Pod
Fresh Basil/Mint Leaves (to garnish)

Method: Split vanilla pod and scrape out contents, add seeds to yogurt, stir and set aside.
Remove hulls from strawberries, half and add to serving dish.
Add Balsamic Vinegar.
Top with Yogurt (and basil/mint if desired)

Vital tip: Strawberries can be marinated for several hours before serving for fuller flavour, but be sure to add your yogurt just before serving.

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