Jenna Stevenson, Founder of Bite to Savour

jenna-headshot-001_clipped_rev_2BITETOSAVOUR is an Northern Irish artisan food showcasing business, set up in 2014 by young N.Irish entrepreneur, Jenna Stevenson. It was during a trip to Australia with her husband in 2009 that Jenna’s passion for artisan food started whilst working at the Pukara olive grove. She loved the product so much that when she returned home she started to import it. Doing the markets in Northern Ireland she realised that there was an abundance of amazing Northern Irish artisan produce, all with incredible stories behind them, who all seemed to struggle to get their products marketed and sold.


So how did the name come about? Jenna explains:

“If you taste two almost identical jams, but find out that one is made in a huge factory overseas and the other is handmade on an AGA using home grown fruits just around the corner from you, it not only tastes better, but it feels better eating it. It feels right. Food provenance is really important to people nowadays, as is the support of local producers. So with that one bite you savour it all – the flavour, the heritage, the support of local producers – and that is how Bite to Savour was born! We then became all cool and ‘on trend’ making it BITETOSAVOUR”.

What started as a stall at a market then became a website and then a small retail space in Studio Souk in Belfast. The independent media spokesperson for the artisan producers of NI, Jenna is also the independent champion for the ‘Support #artisanNI producers’ campaign run by the #artisanNI collaboration group under the NI2030 strategy which aims to grow small, rural, niche sectors of the N.Irish economy.

What defines ‘artisan’ produce?

Here at BITETOSAVOUR we define artisan produce as:

“Someone who both lives and produces in Ireland using hand, traditional or non-mass produced techniques to craft a distinctly high-quality product; a product developed and brought to market with passion, determination and pride; with an ambition to create something unique and desirable that helps to define our space on the world map”


The rest of the BITETOSAVOUR team

We’re a small team that works hard to help artisan producers showcase their products and their stories to the world

Tom Griffiths | Development Director
Entrepreneur, innovator and creative marketing specialist, for 20 years Tom has been at the cutting edge of all things digital. He has originated multi-million response social campaigns, created and grown brands and has appeared in media and on the keynote speakers circuit globally.

Chris Clay | Sales
If you’ve been to the markets in NI and Ireland you’ll know Chris. Years of experience selling niche products to the public, combined with his entrepreneurial background setting up businesses, gives us a rock on which to build our sales strategy.

Rebecca McConnell | Design
You just need to look at our box designs, our branding and look and feel to understand the value that Rebecca brings to BITETOSAVOUR. She brings to life the ideas from the whiteboard, the thoughts in our heads and provides the perfect platform from which to showcase the artisan producers and their amazing products.

Sarah Patterson | Chef-in-Residence
Sarah is the founder of Little Pink Kitchen and we’re delighted that she agreed to be our CiR as she’s a big advocate of buying local and she’s fab! Sarah picks items from the shop and shows you how to make simple, home cooked meals with them. Nothing fancy. Simple & tasty!

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